Welcome to my little hobby site about my home engineering projects. I’ll be posting plenty of helpful little articles about my projects.

For my first post, I thought you’d like to know exactly how I make shim washers

It’s not too difficult if you have some basic engineering skills. Shims are something I use everyday in my work and I’m darned if I’m going to pay for them when I can make them myself.

Sometimes I need a lot of shims for a project so it’s not worth my time to make so many. I buy my shim washers in bulk from Stephens gaskets.

Place a bit of copper sheeting in a disc cutter die. Shim puncher dies are fine.

Some copper sheet is placed in a disc cutting die (this is actually a shim punching die, but there is no difference)

Use a transfer-punch to whack a puck in the middle.

Make sure you never shift the stock whatsoever

Punch out the outer diameter. Arbor presses are just as good as hammering away.

Here’s the disc.

Stick the disc in the die and line it up to the inned diameter with a transferring punch. Knock the inner diameter out again like before.

Here’s some transfer punches I own and rely on.

Here’s the finished shim washer! Marvellous.

Be sure to come back to see my next tutorial and email me if you have any questions or tutorials that you’d like to see.

Benjamin Gandy.